Holistic Approach


Surgery is only one element of the comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation offered at the hospital. It is crucial for patients to receive specific and regular physiotherapy, as well as psychosocial support, in order to optimize a full recovery.


Physiotherapy and bedside exercises are a core element of the patient rehabilitation process- after and in between surgeries. It is vitally important that patients receive specific and intensive physiotherapy in order to develop functionality and build strength in the affected areas.

Some patients to walk again after months in a wheelchair, while others begin to conduct basic tasks for the first time since their injuries.

MSF also provides prostheses or modifications on current prostheses for patients with amputations. Follow-up physiotherapy is also provided to increase and optimize the functionality of the prosthetic limb. All prostheses, orthosis aids and therapy services are provided free of charge for RSP patients.


MSF psychologists provide psychosocial care to RSP patients throughout their stay, through individual consultations and counseling, as well as group activities and interaction. It is a vital service offered to those who have experienced the horrors and trauma of war.

Psychosocial support helps identify specific issues among the hospital's children. MSF runs activities for the children of the RSP to aid with this process, including educational classes (with a customized curriculum to cater to individualized student needs, nationalities, and previous education levels) and occupational therapy in the morning, as well as afternoon activities like music or art classes.

A new social and recreational space was built in the hospital, to provide patients with some fresh air, and give the younger patients an opportunity to play and create new, positive childhood memories.